After 7 years of working in the Broadcast industries of Asia, ToolsOnAir backed Peter Steiner, founded AsiaOnAir Broadcast Distribution Co., Ltd. in 2014. The goal of AsiaOnAir is to provide our successful network of system integrators & resellers all over Asia with professional resources to help their market grow. Focused on Apple based solutions, AsiaOnAir brings experience and knowledge of several years to our customers.

Distributed companies:

ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering has redefined the
TV station of tomorrow, providing powerful Mac and
Linux based solutions that integrate storage, 
ingest, playout and real-time graphics into a streamlined workflow. Controlled by an intuitive and easy to use interface, ToolsOnAir’s just: broadcast suite and flow:rage workflow appliances combine video, audio and graphics with powerful automation and multi-format asset management, consistently meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced broadcast and IPTV facilities.